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Customization & Modification Vehicle Options

FlexBilt Customs welcomes all trucks, Jeeps, SUV's, and even most cars that are looking for customization or modifications completed.  We are a turn-key operation that can work on most 4x2 and 4x4 vehicles.  Below showcases our most popular services we provide to our customers, commercial clients, and dealerships.  Please contact us or give us a call.  We are known for providing a quote and options that match your budget and ultimate look you are striving to achieve for your truck, Jeep, or SUV.

Our Top Custom & Maintenance Services:  (in order of popularity)
6 inch lift kit auburn al
Welding a truck.png

From our in-house welders to a few of our more specialized contract welders, FlexBilt can make what you need to complete your project.  From new floor pans tack welded in or a plasma cut project, we can do it. 

paint n body.png

FlexBilt Customs has a full-service 29' long professional paint booth and body shop. We do not do insurance collision claims but focus more on individuals needing paint on one of their favorite vehicles! 

Powder coating services
Alignment Opelika AL.png

Through a partnership with Southeast Coatings, LLC, FlexBilt has powder-coating capabilities at our main shop location in Opelika.  Whether you need your lift components powder-coated or any other accessory for your truck or Jeep, we can do it.

FlexBilt offers full-service alignment on most cars, trucks, and SUV's.  With one of the most elite Hunter Alignment machines in our shop, you can rest assured that your vehicle will drive straight as it should. First come, first served.

air lift.png

From Air Lift to Vixen to Firestone, FlexBilt installs multiple brands to lower your vehicle or give it a much smoother ride when towing.  Air lift kits start below $500. 

Raptor Liner Bed.png

Raptor Liner is one of the most versatile and strongest spray-in bedliners in the industry today. FlexBilt has a FT professional installer that can prep and spray almost anything. 

Auto repair.png

Whether it is an oil change, brake job, or simply one of our 21-Point inspections, FlexBilt can service almost any vehicle. With one of the largest selection of Liqui-Moly oils & additives, we can service both your gas or diesel engine!

Our Top Custom Accessories we Stock and Install:
tool box.png

Whether you are looking for the traditional tool box for your truck or one of the new side or full designs, we have your covered.  Black, chrome, or even custom Raptor Lined in 16 different colors.

Hood protector.png

Lund hood protectors are one of the most popular brands in the industry for one reason - durability.  FlexBilt carriers almost every make & model and can even Raptor Line the hood protector before being installed.

After Undercoating.png

We preserve the underbody of your vehicle.  Whether it has surface rust or more serious rust, we get to the bottom of it, fix it, and then spray your undercarriage with GraviTex -

one of the best undercoating spray on the market today.

vent visors.jpg

Some folks call them smoker vents but we call them vent visors that let's the hot air out of your truck or Jeep while keeping the rain out.  It dresses up your exterior while 

Tonneau cover.png

Tonneau covers for your truck are available in a lot of different styles - from accordion to fold back, to even Velcro.  FlexBilt tonneau covers are available at any budget.

Bull bars.png

FlexBilt Customs carries all of the top bull bar brands for your truck or SUV.  From chrome to flat black to even custom painted bull bars, we have what your are looking for.

Roof Rack 2.png
RC Floor liner.png

Whether you like Rough Country fitted floor liners, WeatherTech, or a cheaper alternative, we have the floor liners you are looking for in black, tan, grey, and some specialty colors.

Light bar and pods.png

Whether you want just a few pods in the front or rear of your vehicle to a very extravagant set up with light bars, pods, after-market fog lights, FlexBilt has you covered with over 100 combinations of exterior lighting IN STOCK!

aaa after market headlights.jpg
mud flaps2.jpg

FlexBilt sells mud flaps for your truck or Jeep that does NOT require drilling.  The majority of the mud flaps we carry screw in to your existing rear wheel well.  

Wheels-&-Tires Opelika

FlexBilt offers an extreme wide array of M/T and A/T wheels and tires for your truck & Jeep. No matter your budget, we try our best to find what you are looking for!


From 7-pin trailer connection to full towing packages, FlexBilt will install the hitch that is optimal for the kind of towing you do on a consistent basis. 

Screenshot 2021-07-14 152104.png

Whether you are looking for a meaner looking truck or want extra protection from the deer running in front of you, FlexBilt has the grille guards in stock for you.  

Screenshot 2021-08-23 121556.png

Being a full-service dealer of LED glow, we offer underbody light kits, wheel well lights, actual round wheel lights, interior lighting, and truck bed & tool box over 1 million colors controlled by your phone!

Painted Calipers.png

Painting your calipers a bright color with new wheels makes your truck or Jeep stand out in the crowd.  From red, purple, gold, and even baby blue, we can make your brake calipers stand out.


Whether you want a headache rack to protect your back glass on a truck or you want one to make your truck look mean, headache racks are one way to really dress it up.

Flowmaster Exhaust Kit

FlexBilt offers performance exhaust systems & kits for all makes & models for trucks, Jeeps, SUV, and most sport cars.  From MagnaFlow to Borla, we have you covered for the rich, deep sound you want.

bed mats.jpg

If you use your truck bed everyday, a heavy duty thick rubber mat maybe is all you need.  We carry both the rubber flat mats and the complete plastic liners.  


Whether you want a custom body kit specifically made for your vehicle or just extended fender flares installed, FlexBilt has the experience and options you are looking for in your price range.

warn winches.png

Bilstein, King, Fox, Zone, and Rancho are just a few of the brands we stock.  Whether you want the ultimate ride or off-road performance, FlexBilt has you running smooth. 


Do you want additional horsepower, better fuel economy, a stronger throttle response, or just more torque when towing heavier loads, a performance tuner is what you need.  FlexBilt offers plug & play tuners for your truck, Jeep, or SUV that will fit your specific objective!

74803-00A 2.PNG

Extend your cargo area today as we provide the form and function to the perfect product. Flip it out with the tailgate open to gain up to 2-feet of enclosed cargo area. Flip it inside and close the tailgate to keep tools and smaller cargo contained in the truck bed.


Side steps and Nerf Bars to give you a safer entry way into your vehicle and truck. We offer the highest quality steps and bars, including great style choices so your vehicle can have a better show stance. This tubular accessory runs across the the length of your rig to give you better accessibility.


Running Boards give you that extra step you've been needing for your rig. Conveniently, it also protects your clothing from the dirt and grim that can build up on the side of your vehicle. Made with assured, heavy-duty aluminum. 


A low-restriction filter and custom-engineered tubing system combine to provide a higher volume of air to your engine. Feed your engine more air for better torque and horsepower today! 


 Protectant helps prevent color fade and degradation due to sun's UV rays or harsh climate conditions. FlexBilt provides the best products that can make your vehicle look brand new. Just spray on and wipe dry for a clean, like-new look and finish.

We get a lot of questions on what we can do (all of the above!) but here's is what we do NOT offer:  Window tinting, certain cab lighting, HEMI Conversions, Gears & Drivetrain, transmissions, custom made lift kits purchased by the customer.

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