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Spray-In Bedliner

FlexBilt is an authorized dealer of both Scorpion Spray-on Bedliners and U-Pol's Raptor Liner spray-in bedliner.  Whether you choose to do it yourself or have it done for you at our shop, we have what you need IN STOCK at our main facility in Opelika, AL.  

Please note our ability to coat pretty-much anything - from bumpers, grills, and bull-bars to any type truck bed or Jeep.  All spray-in projects at FlexBilt take a full 48 hours to properly cure and right at seven days to cure completely. We are excited to offer both Scorpion and Raptor Liner based on their three differentiating attributes compared to Line-X, Rhino Linings, Bullet Liner, Speedliner, and others.  Our spray-in bedliner have a built-in UV protectant, comes in multiple colors (including color matching your truck or Jeep), and both will protect your bed's metal at the highest level.  Come by to see all the colors we have in stock.   

Raptor Liner

As we have learned at FlexBilt, spray-in bedliner material is incredible on so many different applications.  Both Scorpion Truck Bed Liner and Raptor Liner materials have been used on hundreds, if not thousands, of other different applications outside of its main use as a truck or Jeep bed liner.  Today, both products are used in a wide variety with manufacturers, commercial applications, and contractors. FlexBilt provides both B2B and direct to consumer high quality polyurethane protective coatings for almost anything imaginable such as:  trailers (personal and commercial), interior floor boards (very popular in Jeeps), boat decks to prevent slipping, tractors, steel & aluminum wheels, service and utility beds, municipal firetruck, police trucks, and even ambulances, all kind of outdoor equipment, and many other applications.  Listed below you will quickly see the versatility of the spray-on liners and the different applications they can be used for.

  • Commercial Sign Poles

  • Dump truck beds

  • Commercial tables & chairs

  • Industrial Flooring & Equipment

  • Steel Beams to prevent rust

  • Recreational Vehicle Lining

  • Agricultural Equipment

  • All kinds of Salt Water Oil Equipment

  • Prefab/Hazardous Storage Buildings

  • Fiberglass Pipe Insulation

  • Trailers: wood/metal/fiberglass

  • Secondary Contaminant

  • Storage Tanks to prevent rusting

  • Fertilizer Hoppers

  • Marine Equipment/Docks

  • Ambulance Flooring/compartments

  • Explosives Storage Containers

  • Loading Docks/Platforms

  • Shower/Restroom stalls, walls & floors

  • Non Reflective Ship Deck

  • Steel Roofing & Structures

  • 4-Wheeler racks

  • Roofing applications to waterproof!

  • Waste Pit Lining

  • Mine/Cement Processing Equipment

  • Livestock Trailers - incredible results

  • Waste Receptacle Liners

  • Styrofoam Covering

  • Diving Boards

  • Entire truck & Jeep body

  • Crane Platforms and components

  • Oil rig platforms, Helo. Pads

  • Car lifts

  • Loading Ramps

  • Wheelchair Ramps

  • Anti-static Surfaces

  • Storage/Tool compartments

  • Fire Truck Decks/Compartments

  • Dumpster Refurbishing

  • Metal Storage Container Refurbishing

  • Undercarriage coating on commercial trls.

  • Commercial Metal Trash Cans

  • Metal Picnic Tables/Frames

  • Boat decks for non-slip performance

  • Tools! for grip and protection

  • Foundation water-proofing

Scorpion Spray In Bedliners
metal panel.jpg

Whether you want FlexBilt to apply Raptor Liner with our in-house trained experts or if you want to do it yourself (we can show you how), you simply will not be disappointed in choosing Raptor Liner over LineX, Herculiner, or Rhino Liner, just to name a few!

We have everything you need to get started today.  Or, feel free to give us a call at 334.363.0168 to schedule an appointment for us to Raptor line what you want done.  From truck beds, fenders, wheel wells, front and/or rear bumpers, to even complete undercoating of your vehicle, we can get the job done for you with a guaranteed satisfaction that is second to none in the East Central Alabama and West Georgia region.

Thank you for supporting small business in Alabama!  It is greatly appreciated.

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