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Shocks & Struts

Whether you are wanting a smoother ride or just want the best of the best off-road suspension, FlexBilt Customs has it in stock and ready to be installed.  From the popular Fox Shocks to Bilstein to Rancho shocks & struts, we can suggest the right solution to most budgets.  A lot of people get confused between a shock absorber and a strut. A shock helps keep your off-road vehicle from bouncing and serves as its main objective.  A strut, on the other hand, is a structural part of your suspension and is used on the front end of almost 100% of vehicles that have front-wheel capabilities.   A strut integrates multiple different suspension parts into one assembly for both the driver and passenger sides.  A strut consists of a coil spring, strut bearings, steering knuckle, shock absorber, and a coil spring.  In a strut assembly, it is the shock absorber in the middle of the coil spring that gets replaced the most.

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