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Paint Calipers Service

FlexBilt Customs offers custom painted caliper service for vehicles that have brake pad calipers on all four wheels.  Our full-service caliper paint is made to withstand high-heat and can be painted in almost any color you choose including paint matching your vehicle's main or secondary color.

Why paint your calipers?  If you have wheels that stand out, seeing an old rusty caliper in the background can take away the clean look your tires and wheels present. Painting your calipers also keeps your calipers from aging since 90% of the calipers on the market today rust fairly easily.


FlexBilt has multiple colors to choose from but note the most popular colors are red, silver/chrome, gold, white, and blue.


Also, please note that painting your calipers requires FlexBilt to remove your caliper, thoroughly clean them with brake cleaner, primer, and the paint.  The entire process for four wheels takes close to three hours. 

Image by Finn IJspeert
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