Leveling Kits

FlexBilt Customs offers full-service leveling kits for every make & model.  Whether you want to purchase the custom leveling kit for your off-road vehicle or want us to install turn-key, we most likely have it in stock for you today! We install a wide array of leveling kits to get your front end equal to your rear! Leveling kits (lift or lowering) for your truck and SUVs range in 2" to 4" kits.  However, it may just be a simple adjustment of your torsion keys that most custom shops will not share with you.  We do suspension leveling on mostly any truck and SUVs for the greater east central Alabama and central western Georgia areas! Our goal is simple - to provide you with the largest selection of suspension leveling kits while providing unparalleled customer service no matter what you drive!

Leveling Kits
Leveling Kits for sale or installed:

A leveling kit takes the factory setting and levels it out - just like it sounds!   Due to what trucks were originally designed for (hauling, loaded, or being used as a true utility truck), all manufacturers set the rear ends higher than the front end so when you connect a trailer, the truck performs at a level plain.  Some manufacturers are worse than others regarding how they set the rear end to the front end but most have a 2-inch difference from rear to front. 
By raising the front end up a few inches, you can eliminate the factory look with your truck by bringing the front level to your rear factory setting. This is primarily done for looks, but it can also add a small amount of ground clearance to the front of your truck and give you the ability to run larger tires.
Another benefit of leveling kits is that since they only raise the front of your truck instead of lowering the rear, your payload capacity remains unchanged. You can put just as much weight in the bed without fear of the suspension bottoming out. Leveling kits are a very simple design, utilizing coil spacers, struts, strut extensions, coils, coil-overs or special torsion keys (depending on your truck’s suspension), and many can be installed within one or two hours. If your goal isn’t to turn your truck into an all-out off-road performer, and just want an aggressive stance and look from your truck, a leveling kit is the way to go.  Check with the staff at FlexBilt Customs for free advice and a quote.  They can also tell you whether or not you can do it yourself!  Just be aware that there are a lot of "cheap" made in China kits on the market.  Whether it's a lift kit or leveling kit, the cheaper kits are the ones that will underperform, not fit correctly, and/or gives you fits during the install.