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FlexBilt offers the BEST spray-on bed liner in the industry.  This 8-Bottle Raptor Liner Kit contains the following:

  • Eight (8) - 750ml or 25.4 oz. Bottle Of Black Truck Bed Liner Base
  • Two (2) - 1-liter U-Pol Raptor Liner Standard Hardener Liquid  (one liter serves FOUR bottles of base)
  • Aluminum Custom Raptor Application Gun 
  • This is enough to do a large 8+ ft. bed, tailgate, sides, and rails, both bumpers, and your fenders and/or wheel wells.


Mixing Ratio: 3:1 Truck Bed Liner Base with the U-Pol Raptor Standard Hardener liquid.   The U-Pol Raptor Bed Liner & Texture Coating is a SUPER Protective Urethane Coating manufactured for the application to pick up truck beds, wood, concrete, aluminum, steel, fiberglass, and even rusted metal! 

* Be sure to ask FlexBilt's staff to see some of the Raptor Liner sprayed various metals including rusted steel!  


For the DIY'ers, Raptor Liner is easy to use if you have decent compressor in your garage or workshop.  Raptor liner protects against rust, corrosion, and has EXCELLENT UV-protection and will not fade like many competitors are known for!  U-Pol's Raptor Coating can be applied with a standard schultz gun.  Follow the enclosed directions or have FlexBilt Customs apply it for you.  It can be rolled or brushed on but will not have the same textured finished if sprayed on using the included spray gun (used with 45-60 consistent PSI compressor).   


Raptor Liner Benefits:
- Easy To Use: Add Hardener - Shake for at least 2-minutes - and then spray using the inclosed spray-gun.
- The included eight (8) bottles of black base is enough to re-spray TWO of the largest pickup truck LONG beds.  FlexBilt suggest watching a few YouTube videos (including FlexBilt's YouTube Channel) to see the best ways to apply Raptor Liner.
- Abrasion and Stain Resistant
- Protects Against Rust, Corrosion Salt, Damp & Extreme Temperatures
- Waterproof, Flexible, Helps Deaden Sound & Vibrations - makes for a GREAT undercoating on older vehicles.
- Test the spray gun on different consistent PSI setting to see the different textures it produces.  
- Provides Excellent Adhesion naturally in how it is mixed.


Preparation: U-Pol Raptor Truck Bed Liner can be applied to most original manufacturer's finishes.  To properly prep your surface, it should be lightly scuffed up using 80 to 150 grit depending on the surface condition (glossy smooth, use 150 grit / surface rusty, pitted, or dinged up, use 80 grit).  For the BEST application, spend the time to get your surface right - free from dirt, grime, grease, and rust (if possible).  * On all new BARE metal, it is strongly recommended to spray with U-Pol's #4 GRIP aerosol or #8 ACID etch primer to optimize the Raptor Liner adhering to the clean, bare surface.  

Raptor Liner Urethane Spray-On Bed Liner, 8 Bottle Kit

SKU: KIT-0822-8-Gun-FCB
  • Q. Can RAPTOR be applied on top of a 2-part Epoxy Primer?

    A. As long as the primer is fully cured, RAPTOR can be applied on top of a properly prepared and sanded 2-part epoxyprimer.

    Q. Can RAPTOR be applied on top of a basecoat?

    A. RAPTOR can be applied on top of a basecoat. The basecoat must be fully cured and properly prepared and sandedbefore applying RAPTOR.

    Q. Can RAPTOR be applied on top of a powder coat?

    A. Yes, RAPTOR can be applied on top of a properly prepared and sanded powder coat.

    Q. Can you use automotive paint tape with RAPTOR Liner?

    A. Yes, you can use automotive tape with RAPTOR. Wait between 15-20 minutes after applying RAPTOR before removing the tape.

    Q. How can I get a textured grip finish?

    A. Add about ¼ - ½ cup per RAPTOR Bottle of clean/dry silica sand. Mix in the bottle and spray. If sand is added afterRAPTOR is sprayed, the sand will not fully adhere and will eventually brush off

    Q. What is the gloss level of RAPTOR?

    A. The gloss level of Black RAPTOR is approximately 10 gloss units, or a satin finish.

    Q. What is the Shore Hardness of RAPTOR?

    A. The Shore D value for fully cured RAPTOR is 85.Q. Does RAPTOR contain any rubber?A.

    Q. Is RAPTOR isocayante free?

    A. No, RAPTOR uses an isocyanate hardener.

    Q. What is the maximum temperature after applied?

    A. The maximum temperature after application is 85°C

    IMPORTANT! Do not place heavy loads on the surface until RAPTOR is fully cured. Please see dry times in the paperwork provided upon delivery or pick up.  For the absolute best results, let the Raptor Liner CURE fully.  FlexBilt has tested this extensively.  Within 24 hours, Raptor Liner will seem to be dry and ready for use.  However, you can scratch or chip your new surface if you do MINIMIZE walking, storing, or loading on top of your new surface for 7-days.  This is NOT required but suggested to maximize the surface performance!
    RAPTOR can be baked for 30 minutes @ 60°C. Baking will speed up
    the initial cure, but it is still recommended that you wait 2-3 days for light
    usage and 7 days for heavy duty usage.
    RAPTOR can be overpainted with most modern paint systems. When
    overpainting, prep the surface as follows:


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