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Truck Bed Lights

FlexBilt offers the highest quality truck bed lights on the market today.  FlexBilts truck bed is tucked under the truck bed rails and illuminates the entire bed of your truck with a simple flip of a switch.  Truck bed lighting allows you to work after dark, see your cargo better, and is awesome for tailgating, camping, or after-dark trail rides.   More importantly, truck bed lighting frees up a hand vs. holding a flashlight giving you the freedom to load or work with things in your bed.  Most of our truck bed lighting kits include two separate strands of 4-pod lights with 6-SMD LEDs per pod, giving you a total of 8 pods and 48 ultra-bright white SMD LEDs.  Each 1-3/8” square truck bed lighting pod is 100% waterproof and only 1/4” thick, making them extremely easy to conceal. Every truck bed light strand includes 2” of wire between each pod, totaling 6’ of wire. These strands also feature 21’ of power wire so you’ll have plenty of length when it comes to running the power wires into your cab and to the included easy-to-use On/Off Power Switch. Each pod is effortlessly mounted under the bed rails using either the included 3M tape or screws.

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