Raptor Liner - Spray-on Bed liner

FlexBilt Customs exclusively offers the best spray-on bed liner in the business today.  We researched brands that would uphold our expectations for our customers as well as providing versatility in how we use the product in different applications.  Simply put, Raptor Liner is super tough - made from a durable 2x urethane material that creates one of the hardest coatings for the ultimate spray-on bed liner, custom off-road fender, bumpers, interior cabs, or just about anything.  Come to our showroom and we can show you the durability with multiple sprayed examples with fully cured single, double, and even triple coated Raptor liner.  This spray-on material WILL surpass your expectations...like it did ours!  You will be driving around with surfaces you choose to cover in Raptor liner that will provide the ultimate protective barrier that can withstand every situation you can put it through!

Developed in the United States to tolerate the most climatic weather conditions, Raptor liner is resistant to the brutal sun's ultraviolet rays and won’t fade.  More importantly, like many spray-on materials for off-road vehicles that not only fade but actually chalk up after being exposed to the sun and other weather conditions - very similar to the oxidation you see with exterior truck/Jeep parts after only a few years in the sun.  Raptor spray in bed liner is water resistant with one coat but is water proof with multiple coats.  FlexBilt has tested multiple applications - from spraying cinder block, brick, rusted metal,

FBC Raptor Liner

aluminum, plastic bumpers, and much more.  If you want to eliminate the possibility of rust, we can guarantee it with how we apply Raptor liner to your truck, Jeep, or SUV.  For those on the coast in Florida, North & South Carolina, and even California, the salt water, air, and sun is no match for Raptor Liner.  

Raptor Liners application versatility makes it perfect for almost any challenge you present to FlexBilt's crew.  Whether we strategically spray-on or spray-in the Raptor coating, dab, brush, or roll it, we will promise one thing for sure...100% SATISFACTION.  Using the Raptor coating for high traffic areas is ideal since it is both stain and scratch resistant, easy to clean, hose off, or even scrub!  Since the proprietary mix of Raptor liner is flexible once fully cured (approximately seven (7) days), it's still pliable - flexible enough to handle most impacts in the back of a truck or Jeep without cracking.  When the coating flex's, it lowers the probability of all the dings & dents you see in most truck beds.  

Again, Raptor Liner is NOT like LineX, DuraLiner, RhinoLiner, or Herculiner!  It is unlike anything you've ever seen in a bed liner or protective coating used on trucks, Jeeps, and SUV's. To compare it to powder coating is fairly simple - prepare to pay anywhere from three to four times the cost of a double coat of Raptor Liner.  In most cases, FlexBilt can get you in and out in less than 24 hours if an appointment is made. 


What makes FlexBilt Customs different with the bed liner coating we carry?  Ultra-quality product that is backed with a warranty that is second to none.  Also, we fix any scratch or metal exposure we coat for the first year free of charge! 

So, without further ado, the following is WHAT YOU BUY, WHAT YOU NEED, WHAT YOU DO, and, WHAT TO KNOW for the best experience you can possibly have with Raptor Liner.  Take our experience to your advantage!  Thank you and good luck...

Raptor Liner - WHAT YOU BUY:

Raptor Liner - WHAT YOU NEED:

Whether you purchase a one (1) bottle, four (4) bottle, or an eight (8) bottle kit, don't be fooled that the "kit" has everything you need.  With as many different application we have completed at FlexBilt, the following is truly what you need if you plan on taking this project on yourself.  

  • A good 5-gallon compressor with PSI air regulator and at least 20 feet of hose.

  • Protective gear: safety glasses, a good dual-vented mask, and gloves  *We also recommend wearing long pants and long-sleeve shirt

  • Painters tape and sheets of plastic  *We do NOT recommend newspaper to tape off what you don't want to spray

  • Drop cloth or tarp.  Over-spray is inevitable so make sure you protect everything around you!

  • Fan for circulation.  Do not put the fan directly on the newly sprayed Raptor Liner - it will flatten it out. 

Raptor Liner - WHAT YOU DO:


Degrease & Clean

Remove all grease, oil, surface rust, and loose material from the surface for Raptor Liner.  U-Pol products like the wax & grease remover (UP2012 & 2022) do an incredible job.  It is critical the surface is prepped thoroughly.

Mix Ratio.jpg

Mix Raptor 3:1

Raptor liner has a 3:1 mix ratio (3 parts Raptor material to 1 part hardener).  Pour 250ml of the Raptor hardener into the pre-filled 750ml Raptor coating bottle you will shoot from.  For tinting/color changes, contact FlexBilt Customs for assistance.


Scuff & Rough Up

Sand the surface with 80 to 180 grit sandpaper depending on surface condition.  If surface rust is present, 80 grit.  If just faded & lightly scratched, 180 grit. Once sanded and surface is scuffed up, re-clean to remove all dust & debris.


Shake for 2 min.

It is VERY important that you shake the Raptor liner once mixed with the hardener for at least 2 minutes vigorously.  For proper curing of the coating, the correct 3:1 ratio along with proper mixing/shaking is critical to the application.

Spray primer.jpg


Spot prime all bare metal places on surface to be Raptor lined. Bare metal, galvanized, or aluminum must be etch primed or a urethane primer (both stocked by FlexBilt). For excellent adhesion, use U-Pol Grip #4 aerosol spray for hard to reach places.



Attach the application spray gun included in your Raptor liner kit, attach to your compressor, set pressure to 40-60 PSI (depends on texture you want - so test first!), and start shooting in a sweeping motion approx 24" (2 feet) from desired surface.  

Raptor Liner - WHAT TO KNOW:

Couple of things to know after shooting the area with your final coat of Raptor Liner.  Since the coating is urethane based, the longer you allow it to cure (dry), the harder and more stable the product becomes.  The instructions will show a cure time of 24 hours.  Based on our experience, we recommend up to SEVEN (7) days of uninterrupted cure time on two and three coat bed liner, fender, bumpers, bull bars, and any interior applications especially.  Uninterrupted is defined by no touching, using, or stepping on.  To be clear, 24 hours is enough time in a lot of cases.  However, if you want the best, long-term results, allowing seven days will yield an incredible result.  All of the Raptor Liner spray-in bedliners FlexBilt Customs do for our customers leave our facility after 24 hours but we tape off the bed with reminders of not to use for six more days!

Whether you get our incredible team at FlexBilt to do your Raptor Liner application project for you or you do it yourself, we are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have.  Feel free to stop by the shop and visit with us any time!

Please contact us for any questions, concerns, or recommendations.  We would love to hear from you!