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FlexBilt Customs offers System 20 2:1 Hs Overall Clearcoat. It will not show any discoloration. Gloss finish for your best use. Offering you superior performance to suit many shop applications or even specialized conditions. Extended application time for +85°F conditions. Good flow and non-sag properties.

System 20 2:1 HS Overall Clearcoat

SKU: UP2822
    • U.V. resistant high build finish with excellent gloss retention
    • Can be applied over most water and solvent borne basecoat paint systems
    • Excellent scratch and abrasion resistance
    • Easy to apply
    • Can be used for spot, panel or overall repairs
    • Air dry, low bake or IR cure
    • Excellent flow and non-sag properties
    • Easy to sand and buff
    • 5L Tin
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