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We've raised the bar for our popular 6" '00 - '06 Tahoe, Yukon, Suburban Lift! We've phased out our torsion drop kit to offer the more popular and better-performing Non-Torsion Drop option. This NTD kit is easier to install, handles better than ever, and looks killer from any angle since you won't have that unsightly torsion bar peeking out from the underside of the vehicle. Gain greater clearance, better handling, and the cleanest looking 6" lift available! A set of lifted front knuckles and rear coil springs allow your SUV to run up to 35" tires, while a full set of high-clearance cross members, differential drop brackets, and torsion bar drop brackets keep everything tucked, hidden, and at optimum angles. But the best gets even better: Now included in this kit are a set of front N3 Shocks - custom valved to the specifics of your model vehicle, and designed for balanced performance both on and off-road. Front CV spacers, sway-bar links, and a protective skid plate are also included to give you everything you need to get rolling in one of our best kits, at our best price.



  • Torsion bars stay in the factory location
  • Redesigned for easier installation
  • Maintains factory ride quality
  • Applicable with Auto Trac-equipped models
  • Unmatched ground clearance
  • Axles maintain factory position and angle
  • No drivetrain or exhaust modifications required
  • Designed to reuse factory compression travel stops
  • Includes application-valved N3 series shock absorbers that offer the best-balanced performance for on and off-road use.



  • Frame bracket modification required
  • New fabricated lift block replaces your factory-equipped block.
  • If equipped with factory 17" wheels and purchasing new wheels - the new wheels must be 17" or larger.
  • Does not fit models fit auto ride/auto-leveling feature
  • Torsion bar unloading tool required for installation. Available below (#1067)


Est. Install Time8 - 10 hours



  • Lifted knuckles
  • Front crossmember
  • Rear crossmember
  • Non-torsion bar drop brackets
  • Differential drop brackets
  • CV spacers
  • Lower skid plate
  • Sway-bar links
  • Hardware


  • Lifted coil springs


  • (2) Front Premium N3 series


2002-20062WDChevyAvalanche 1500
2002-20064WDChevyAvalanche 1500
2000-20062WDChevySuburban 1500
2000-20064WDChevySuburban 1500
2000-20062WDGMCYukon XL 1500
2000-20064WDGMCYukon XL 1500

ALWAYS read all product page details for more important fitment information.


295/70R1818x8.56x5.5+0Minor Trimming
295/70R1818x8.56x5.5+1Minor Trimming
295/70R1818x96x5.5+0Minor Trimming
295/70R1818x96x5.5+1Minor Trimming
295/60R2020x96x5.5+0Minor Trimming
295/60R2020x96x5.5+1Minor Trimming

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