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FlexBilt now offers the Go Rhino Dominator Hitch Step.  Rear collisions are way up due to the smart phone making drivers much less smarter!  Protect your truck, Jeep, or SUV with this 3 foot wide "additional bumper"!  


The 2 step pads, 1 rubberized and 1 removable grated aluminum, can handle rainy, snowy, or even muddy conditions. The step is 36 inches long and compatible with any 2-inch hitch receiver. The pin is fully customizable and the clip system has 3 different hitch connection settings.


Our quality hitch step includes a dual step for hard-to-reach storage areas or racks. The step was manufactured of the highest quality steel for unmatched strength and durability. This hitch step includes a textured black powder coat. This hitch step includes an anti-rattle device and a convenient black storage bag.

Go Rhino D360T Dominator Textured Truck Cargo Car Trailer Hitch Step, Black

SKU: D360T-115