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FlexBilt Customs offers this 15.84 quarts of Liqui-Moly 15W-40 High Tech Diesel engine oil with high levels of additives with very good dispersant properties unlike other 15W-40 diesel oils on the market today.  Liqui-Moly slows oil degradation and stabilizes viscosity for longer term that other motor oils.  FlexBilt encourages you to do research on Liqui-Moly and its incredible German engineered formula.  Your diesel Ford diesel truck will thank you!  


Included in this Ford Diesel Oil Change Kit is an STP Extended Life Oil Filter (S9549XL) that is comprised of a synthetic fiber blend media that provides maximum protection for your Ford truck's engine.  The included oil filter will provide up to 10,000 miles of engine protection when used with the provided Liqui-Moly 15W-40 oil. 


Also included is a silicone O-Ring that can withstand extreme temperatures as low as -40°F and as high as 400°F

Ford 6.0 Diesel Liqui-Moly Oil Change Kit

SKU: LM1540-S9549XL
    • Qty. 3 - 5.28 quarts or 5 liters of Liqui-Moly 15W-40 Touring High-Tech Diesel Special Motor Oil
    • Qty. 1 - STP Extended Life 10,000 Mile Oil Filter (Part #S9549XL)
    • Qty. 1 - Silicone 0-Ring oil filter gasket
    • Free drain plug gasket if requested at checkout.
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