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FlexBilt Customs offers Gas F5 Programmer Tuner by Superchips. Take control over your ride today, no matter if you're towing or racing someone down the road. These programmers have tunes for economy, towing, daily driving, and extreme performance. Many adjustments are available to match your vehicle's specifics. Get your upgrade today! 

Gas/Diesel F5 Programmer Tuner | Superchips

SKU: SCH-1845
    • 2.8" HD, Color Display for Easy Navigation
    • Towing, Economy, Daily Driving, & Extreme Performance Tunes
    • Speedometer Correction for Changes in Tire Size & Gear Ratio
    • Allows for the Adjustment of Rev & Speed Limiters
    • Minimize Downshifting While Climbing Uphill
    • Disables Active Fuel Management on Select Applications
    • Read & Clear DTCs "Diagnostic Trouble Codes"
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