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Flexbilt customs offers a Build on the visual experience of your LEDGlow Million Color Bluetooth Underbody Kit with the Add-On Display Module. This 4-button module plugs into your Bluetooth Controller and enables users to see the colors and patterns active on the Underbody, Interior, and Wheel Well Lights that are a part of your Bluetooth Kit. You will be able to customize the settings on the Display Module to choose from 7 solid colors and 16 different modes. However, the experience is not only visual, as the Display Module also allows you to tap into the immensely-popular Music Mode.


Music Mode
This mode allows the lights to react to the sound of your stereo. When in Music Mode, the LEDGlow logo on the Display Module will be illuminated in red, regardless of the color set on your vehicle’s Interior kit. However, the buttons on the Display Module will continue to reflect the specific light settings applied to the Interior kit.

Brightness Control
The Display Module features an ambient light sensor to control brightness. There is an auto-dimming feature built into the display which automatically adjusts the brightness of the embedded lights according to the surrounding light.

When the Underbody, Wheel Well and Interior Lights are unlinked, the colors will appear separately on the Display Module. This feature clearly shows which colors you have selected on which sections of your kit.

The Operational Buttons and Logo on the Display Module will reflect the current Interior color. The active Underbody and Wheel Well colors appear along the perimeter.

The Display Module will demonstrate the pattern that is currently active – whether it’s the Underbody, Wheel Well or Interior pattern. And when you link all three together they will reflect the same pattern.

Add-On Display Module with Music Mode for Bluetooth Underbody Kits