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LEDGlow’s Bluetooth Display Extension Cable gives you that bit of extra slack you need when installing your LEDGlow Bluetooth Add-On Display Module. The module comes with 6’ of wire, and this extension will provide you with an additional 9’. Depending on where you decide to mount the Flexbilt Customs offers a Display Module, you may need additional wiring and this extension cable will provide you with more than enough for the ideal install. This new extension wire also features the same Molex connector as the Display Module, enabling seamless and effective Plug and Play connectivity. Each LEDGlow Bluetooth Display Extension Cable includes a one-year limited warranty as well as free lifetime tech support.

  • 9' Wire Extension for Bluetooth Underbody Add-On Display Module
  • Plug & Play Connectivity
  • Free Lifetime Tech Support
  • One Year Limited Warranty

9' Add-On Display Module Wire Extension for Bluetooth Underbody Kits

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