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Ditch the Flashlight

LEDGlow’s truck under bed rail lighting illuminates the entire bed of your truck with the flip of a switch, allowing you to work after dark without having to hold a flashlight or plug in a portable work light. This truck bed lighting system includes 2 separate strands of 4 pod lights with 6 SMD LEDs per pod, giving you a total of 8 pods and 48 ultra-bright white SMD LEDs.

Waterproof Pod Lights

Each 1-3/8” square truck bed lighting pod is 100% waterproof and only 1/4” thick, making them extremely easy to conceal. Every truck bed light strand includes 2” of wire between each pod, totaling 6’ of wire. These strands also feature 21’ of power wire so you’ll have plenty of length when it comes to running the power wires into your cab and to the included easy-to-use On/Off Power Switch. Each pod is effortlessly mounted under the bed rails using either the included 3M tape or screws.

Add-On Options

Add-On Accessories are also available including a Magnetic Power Switch that allows you to automatically power the truck bed LEDs by opening the tailgate. With our Cigarette Lighter Power Adapter you can easily power this kit from the cigarette lighter receptacle in your truck. Other Add-Ons include Expandable Circuits to power the truck bed LED lighting from the vehicle’s fuse box, and Adhesion Promoter for an even stronger bond between each LED pod and the mounting location.

Illuminate Your Truck Bed

LEDGlow’s truck bed LED light kit features powerful truck bed LED light strips that will illuminate your entire truck bed, giving you increased visibility long after the sun has set. Whether it involves work or recreation, your truck bed will be complemented by ultra-bright LED lighting so that you can load or unload your truck, look for a tool, or effortlessly handle any other project you’re involved in. These LED truck bed lights are easy to install and can be customized to achieve your preferred look and feel.

What Makes LEDGlow’s Truck Bed Lighting Kit Better?

LEDGlow’s 8pc Truck Bed LED Lighting Kit emits incredibly radiant LED lighting, creating an unrivaled glow so you won’t need to worry about starting a job or cutting work short at night. These truck bed LED pod lights also feature an extremely thin design, unlike many other pod lights out there that are larger and hang below the bed rails. You’ll receive all mounting hardware required for installation, along with instructions to simplify the install process and walk you through it step by step. Your truck bed will be completely transformed by these powerful SMD LEDs, making them a great addition to any F-Series, Chevy, Dodge, GMC and more when you’re looking for the best truck bed lighting system for your truck.


8pc White LED Truck Bed Lighting Kit

    • (2) Strands of 4 LED Truck Bed Lighting Pods
    • Total of 8 Pods and 48 Ultra-Bright White SMD LEDs
    • Easy to Use On/Off Power Switch
    • Adhesive Strips
    • Mounting Hardware
    • Installation Instructions
    • Free Lifetime Tech Support
    • One Year Limited Warranty
    • Pods are 1-3/8” x 1-3/8” and 1/4” Thick
    • Completely Waterproof
    • 21’ of Power Wire per Strand
    • 2’ of Wire Between Each Pod Totaling 6’ of Wire
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