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Flexbilt Customs offers LEDGlow’s 4pc Blue Interior Lighting Kit that adds a custom blue illumination to your vehicle's interior, and is jam packed with an assortment of features at a great price. Our LED interior light kits includes (4) 9" tubes with 18 ultra-bright, wide angle blue LEDs per tube giving you a total of 72 LEDs in each kit. The easy to use control box features multiple solid color modes, 3 strobing modes, 3 fading modes, 1 scan mode, as well as our extremely popular sound activation mode. The sound activation mode allows the LED interior lights to react to the beat of the music playing inside of your vehicle with a built in microphone, and the sound sensitivity is easily adjusted with a wheel that is located on the side of the control box. With the included zip ties, mounting screws, and 5' of power wire per tube, these LED interior lights can be mounted to virtually anywhere inside of your vehicle, giving you full customization over your lighting scheme.

Out of the box, with 4.5’ of power wire and a pre-wired 5 amp inline fuse, this kit can be powered directly from the vehicle’s battery. For simpler installation that doesn’t require the splicing of wire or access to the battery, other power options are available. LEDGlow's Expandable Circuit will power any lighting kit directly from the fuse box. The Cigarette Lighter Power Adapter will easily power any LED light kit directly from the vehicle’s cigarette lighter receptacle.

As long as a 12 volt source of power is available into which the kit can be wired, additional power options are available, allowing for extreme customization in any vehicle. Using the auto illumination bypass mode, this kit can be set to illuminate when a door is opened, when the headlights are turned on, or when the ignition is engaged.


4pc Blue LED Interior Lighting Kit

SKU: LU-IN-4X9-B.1
    • (72) Ultra Bright, 5mm Wide-Angle LEDs
    • (4) 9” Interior Tubes
    • (1) Easy to Use Control Box
    • (8) Solid Illumination Modes with Various Brightness Levels
    • (3) Fading Modes
    • (3) Strobing Modes
    • (2) Scan Mode
    • (1) Distinct Sound Activation Mode
    • 5’ of Power Wire per Tube
    • 4.5’ of Power Wire with 5 Amp Inline Fuse
    • (8) Mounting Screws
    • (8) Zip Ties
    • Universal Fit
    • Installation and Operating Instructions
    • Free Lifetime Technical Support
    • One Year Limited Warranty

    WARNING: Click Here For Califor

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