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FlexBilt Customs now offers the Superchips Jeep TrailDash2 Tuner/LIT LED Pods Kit. So, if your vehicle is bone stock or if you have added a cold air intake, throttle body or exhaust mods, you should invest in a this brand tuner to see the full power potential your mods can make. This is a TD2 and LIT LED combination package. The kit includes the TrailDash2 monitor and tuner along with a pair of LIT LED wideshot pods and the innovative power switch.

2007-2014 Jeep Wrangler TrailDash2 Tuner/LIT LED Pods Kit | Superchips

SKU: 42050-L
    •  Slim Sleek Case Design
    • High Definition 5 Inch Color Touch Screen
    • Custom Color Mixer for Gauge Arcs/Needles/Backgrounds
    • Multiple Gauge Screen Layouts And Easy Menu Navigation
    • Monitor Includes Video Input
    • One Simple HDMI Plug For Power
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