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Flexbilt offers Torch Off Road 3" kit will fit 15+ F150 models, however they only recommend it to those that are familiar with suspension modifications due to the tighter tolerances and additional modifications required. The 2" front kit will fit the 15+ models without any issues. Their billet aluminum spacers installs right on top of your strut so you won't need longer shocks. This kit is properly built with the correct ratio and measured out to give you the right amount of lift. Overly thick spacers will cause you many long term issues and a harsh ride. Rear kit comes with extended U bolts and tapered blacks to correct driveline angles. This is one of the few kits on the market for the F-150 that has tapered blocks. Please message us if you have any questions about the lift.

TORCH Off Road has been in the lift and leveling industry since the turn of the century. They specialize in leveling kits that keep a comfortable amount of factory travel while providing lift and off road capability. Where as other companies may choose random thicknesses and tapers for their kits, they have precision measurements based on engineering and testing. They have worked with many customers to get that premium off road look for a fraction of the price that you would normally pay from the dealership. We've done this for many years now and have helped thousands of customers. Message us today if you have any questions or if there's any way we can help!

Front strut spacers are advertised for the lift amount it produces and not the thickness of the spacer.
If you need help finding the right kit for you, message us and we'll be happy to help!
Parts come with a Limited LIFETIME warranty.

  • Comes with instructions and everything shown in the picture.

2004-2019 FORD F150 3'' FRONT 3'' REAR LIFT KIT

SKU: 04F1533
  • FITS:
    2004-2019 FORD F-150



    • Strut Spacer Lift
    • **We don't recommend going more than 2" for the front if you have a 2015+ model due to tighter tolerances and a more difficult install


    • Tapered Lift Blocks
    • U Bolts and Hardware
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