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Liqui-Moly Motor Oils

FlexBilt Customs uses, stocks, and sells Liqui-Moly motor oil for one reason only - RESULTS!  We carry every weight, specialty, and even oil change kits for most popular engines.  We have one of the largest selections of Liqui-Moly Motor Oil in the Southeast.  Also, we stock FlexBilt's absolute favorite additive that we encourage at every oil change - Ceratec.  One of the hottest oil change additives with ceramic coating attributes.  It will truly increase your oil pressure.  Liqui-Moly leads the pack in performance, viscosity longevity, and overall engineering. 


Stop in our Opelika Alabama showroom to pick up a few bottles for your next oil change, engine flush, radiator flush, or even our power steering leak stop. If you don't see your oil or oil change kit listed, give us a call and we will put one together for you.  

Protect your Engine, like top Drivers do!

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