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Monster Off-Road

FlexBilt Customs stocks and has next day availability to all of the Off-Road Monster Wheels for your truck, Jeep, or SUV.  Off-Road Monster Wheels are known for the wide variety of designs.  With prices starting less than $200/wheel, you simply cannot go wrong with Off-Road Monster wheels!   Prices range from $194 (M08) to $299 (M22) a wheel.

Monster Off-Road Wheels .jpg
FlexBilt's Top Pick from Off-Road Monster Wheel Collection:

The team at FlexBilt Customs picks Off-Road Monster's M09 wheel collection.  The M09 series is in the lower half of the pricing but offers a very updated style & design that is second to none.  From all black, to traditional chrome, to black with red accents, or black with white accents, the Off-Road Monster M09 Series has it all.  Here are the picks of the M09 in the six options offered:

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