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Liqui-Moly Additives

FlexBilt is proud to offer to its customers one of the best motor oils and additives on the market today...the pillars of LIQUI MOLY from Germany.  From the day FlexBilt Customs opened its doors, Liqui-Moly was in stock and on the shelves to set the precedent the founders wanted for its clients.  From service products, car care, greases, pastes, underbody protection, and windscreen adhesives, Liqui-Moly is a superior product that will make your truck, Jeep, and SUV run and perform at its peak capabilities. In order to ensure the consistent highest quality of every product Liqui-Moly offers, all production of its oils and additives are made exclusively in Germany.  Ernst Prost, the CEO of Liqui-Moly simply set the standard of "being the best, not the cheapest" for every single product they make.  The founders of FlexBilt Customs feel the same by providing only the best synthetic oils, additives, stop leak, and cleaning solutions on the market today.

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