Customization & modification options

Custom Truck 4x2 and 4x4 Modifications

You’ve bought a truck and as the initial giddiness wears off, you start thinking of ways to increase its off-road capabilities or just overall looks. But where the heck do you start? With so many products, modifications and upgrades on the market today, it’s easy to get overwhelmed in both options and price. That’s why you need a specialized off-road shop like FlexBilt Customs to help transform your truck, Jeep, or SUV to the 4x2 or 4x4 you've wanted all these years! To give you a little inspiration, we’ve assembled some of the top custom truck modifications and upgrades we think truck owners should consider first.


Upgrade your Truck Shocks
The stock shocks from car manufacturers are designed for street driving and maybe a tame dirt road. Hitting rough trails at high-speeds makes the oil in these shocks heat up and foam which in turn causes the shocks to lose their dampening ability. Save yourself from this fate by swapping them for sturdier aftermarket shocks with larger pistons and piston rods for better heat dissipation. You’ll also need to change your shocks should you decide to go with bigger wheels since most stock shocks are only meant to be used with factory tires.


Improve your Truck Air Intake System
If you’re looking to give your truck a resonant sound, more speed and better trail performance, then an upgraded intake system is what you need. A modified intake and filter will supply more clean air to the combustion chambers, giving your engine more power and torque to conquer stubborn obstacles. Plus have we mentioned it makes your truck sound badass?


Consider a Mean Sound to match your Mean Look with a new Truck Exhaust System
An upgraded intake system will give your engine resonance but a custom exhaust and muffler will get that sound to a deep, throaty roar that will have heads turning. However, it’s not all for show. While factory exhaust systems are intended to be quieter, they certainly don’t factor in your truck’s performance. A custom exhaust will increase airflow to your engine, boosting its torque and power while reducing turbulence and back pressure.


4X4 Truck Suspension Upgrades and Modifications
Low ground clearance spells trouble when you go off-roading. You’ll either end up damaging your undercarriage or flooding the engine if you get into water. Modifying your suspension will not only allow your truck to handle difficult terrain like a champ but also permit you to install larger tires if necessary. Your truck will look more intimidating too, towering over other cars.

Enhanced Digital Truck Performance
Unless you’re riding an older rig, your truck probably comes equipped with an engine control unit (ECU). This is basically the computer that controls your rig’s engine and it comes already programmed with factory settings that are suitable for daily driving. Modifying the ECU enables you to tap into your vehicle’s full potential. By altering the rev limits and top speed settings, you can customize your truck’s performance to your liking, pushing it to true beast mode.


Bigger Truck Wheels
Why own a truck if you can’t have fun with it? Leave onlookers impressed by adding a set of hot wheels to your rig. Get a set of chrome, black or color rims in a design and finish that matches your personality and adds just the right touch of style to your ride.


Beefier Truck Tires
Don’t forget to upgrade your rubbers as you sort out your wheels. While we think bigger tires will make your truck look awesome, there’s more to it than that. They also increase your truck’s off-road prowess by providing more traction and they last a whole lot longer than stock tires. Keep in mind that different tires are designed to handle different off-road scenarios so understand your regular off-road environment first then get your truck the best tires for the job.


Better Truck Braking Systems
High-performance brakes are a must-have upgrade especially if you’re going to do a lot of rock crawling or blazing through rough terrain at high speeds. Factory issue brakes are safe and efficient but they aren’t meant to handle modifications to your truck. Any modification to your 4X4 is likely to increase the vehicle’s weight, calling for larger tires so you need better brakes to counter these effects. Modifying your brake discs, calipers and rotors can add more brake force to your system so your brakes won’t let you down when you need them most.


Superior Lights For Your Truck
Nighttime off-roading can be challenging for the best of us. Exchange your head and tail lights for powerful LEDs to light up the trail and maximize your visibility at night. We can help you select from a wide array of LEDs that throw sharp bright light in any direction you want while drawing less amps than standard lights.


More Traction Action
There’s nothing quite as frustrating as getting stuck then having your wheels spinning endlessly with zero movement. You can avoid this by installing a locking or limited-slip differential that locks wheels together, forcing them to spin at the same speed. This greatly increases your truck’s movability by giving you the increased grip and traction you need to handle challenging trails.


Other Truck Custom Upgrades & Modifications to Consider
When it comes to truck modifications, the possibilities are pretty much endless. Other than the necessities we’ve listed above, you can opt to add more accessories both for your convenience and to make your truck stand out. Bring your truck to FlexBilt Customs and we’ll help you choose from the wide array of goodies available for truck owners including:

  • Step bars

  • Bed liners

  • Mud flaps

  • Bull bars or grill guards

  • Mobile air compressors

  • Roof racks

  • Undercarriage protection plates

  • Winches

  • Custom floor liners

  • A custom paint job


We Can Trick Out Your Truck
Drawing from decades of experience, our team strives to deliver exceptional custom truck builds for each of our clients. Whether you want to use your truck for hauling goods or you just want a 4X4 for cruising down the highway, we have the equipment, expertise, parts and the passion needed to bring the rig of your dreams to life. Contact us or visit any of our locations today and let’s get started on your dream truck.

Custom Jeep Modifications

Now that you’re a Jeep owner, you need to start looking into the various modifications and upgrades you can add if you intend to do some serious off-roading. Properly equipping your 4x4 will enhance its performance, making for a fun and safer off-road experience.


At FlexBilt, we’re pros at modifying all types of 4x4s. We know that there’s a mind-boggling assortment of mods out there to add to your Jeep and it can get pretty confusing. To help you out, we’ve put together some of the top custom Jeep modifications to consider if you want to get your vehicle off-road ready.


A Winch- A Necessity In Jeeping Emergencies.
Any seasoned off-roader will tell you that a winch is an absolute must-have for your Jeep. With a winch, you can free yourself from a tough spot or even tow your buddies if they get stuck. Having one installed can mean the difference between making it home from your off-roading adventure or spending hours stranded in the middle of nowhere waiting for someone to come bail you out.


Get Lifted With A Jeep Suspension Lift Kit
A standard Jeep straight from the factory stands about 8-10 inches above the ground. This won’t cut it if you’re looking to maneuver steep ascents or crawl over deep grooves. For that, you’ll need to lift your Jeep. Installing a lift kit and suspension upgrades will give you the increased ground clearance and improve how you handle your approach and departure angle. A better lift will allow you to drive over huge obstacles without ruining your undercarriage, getting stuck or flooding your engine if you’re going into water.


Jeeps Need Proper Rubber For The Terrain
More ground clearance counts for nothing without grip. Upgrading your tires to something meatier increases your grip, eliminating the risk of you getting stuck or harming yourself, others or your vehicle out on the trail. But this doesn’t mean rushing to grab the biggest tires available. Different kinds of tires have different uses so you first need to understand your typical off-road environment then equip your Jeep with the appropriate set of 33”, 35” or 37” tires.


Differential Lockers To Handle Tough Off Road Jeeping Trails
Some newer Jeep models come with differential lockers already installed. If yours doesn’t (most don’t) we recommend grabbing an aftermarket pair especially if you’re planning to really challenge your vehicle on rough trails. Lockers are installed as part of the axle and they force corresponding wheels to spin together at the same speed, improving traction. This tremendously increases your Jeep’s climbing and crawling abilities, saving you the frustration of having your wheels hopelessly spinning in the air while going nowhere.


Rock Sliders To Shield Your Jeep’s Body
Okay, so maybe rock sliders aren’t an absolute necessity- especially if rock crawling isn’t your thing. But we think they’re important because they offer extra protection from the undergrowth, rocks or other Jeeps as you blaze down those trails. They can also come in handy as a winch recovery point if your Jeep rolls or flips or double up as a step to help you get into the car.


Enhanced Lighting For Nighttime Off-Roading & Jeeping
The stock headlamps that come with new Jeeps are often underpowered and leave a lot to be desired. Save yourself the strain of using these poor lights and check out aftermarket LED lights. At both high and low beam, these upgrades give nearly twice as much output as standard factory LEDs while drawing half of the amps required by factory headlights. For these LED headlight mods, you can choose between projector or reflector style housings, depending on which one best suits your vehicle while improving your nighttime visibility.


Heavy-Duty Jeep Aftermarket Bumpers For Added Protection
We know your Jeep probably came with front and rear bumpers but switching these out for sturdier heavier duty ones gives you added protection whether you’re cruising in the city or venturing off-road. Other than making your Jeep look badass, bumpers also provide an ideal location to mount a winch. Heavy-duty bumpers are available in different styles with some front bumpers specially designed to improve your approach angles and some rear ones designed to carry a jerry can or an extra tire.

Additional 4X4 Jeep Modifications
There are also other modifications designed to increase your convenience and fun while adding some class and style to your ride. Such terrific additions to your Jeep include:

Soft tops – Most Jeep owners wrestle with whether to install a soft top or not. You should really go for it. On nice clear days, you can zip open the windows or pull the whole top down to fully enjoy the freedom and exhilaration that only a Jeep ride can provide. Soft tops these days come in a variety of shapes and sizes from full-blown replacement tops to frameless ones so you can get the exact cover that meets your preferences.

Grab handles – these not only make it easier for you to get in and out of your Jeep but also give passengers something to hold on to when you hit rough terrain. They also provide somewhere convenient to mount a GoPro camera to capture your off-road adventures.

Entry guards – to protect the door frames against scratches and scuffs caused by constant foot traffic.

Floor liners – to keep the interior of your jeep clean and free from mud, dirt or grass. Spring for customized floor liners and add a touch of style to your rig.

Hood latches – a rattling hood is a distraction when you’re driving at higher speeds. A hood latch will make sure your hood stays securely in place no matter the driving conditions, allowing you to put your full attention on the road.

While you’re out shopping for Jeep modifications, don’t forget to pick up a mobile compressor, upgraded recovery gear and maybe some hitch accessories among tons of other gadgets and upgrades to trick out your ride.

Let Us Upgrade Your 4X4 Jeep To Crawl It All
We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional custom Jeep builds for all our clients. We take great care to balance extreme off-road capabilities with class and style to take your Jeep from an ordinary vehicle to an off-road beast!  So please don’t hesitate to call or visit any of our FlexBilt Customs showrooms. Our team of 4x4 specialists will be happy to help you select and install the best Jeep mods and upgrades to improve your trail riding experience.

Custom SUV Modifications

So you’re the proud owner of an SUV and you can’t wait to ditch the pavement and take off on an off-road adventure. But before you hit those trails, your SUV is going to need some serious modifications. Whether your 4x4 is fresh off the lot or it has some mileage under the belt, it will still need some work done to make it more capable on the trail.


Off-road friendly tires & wheels
The street tires your SUV comes equipped with aren’t designed for off-road use. You’ll need to switch them up with beefier off-road tires –all-terrain tires or mud tires- depending on where you’ll be doing most of your off-roading. Off-road tires come with deep treads, heavy-duty sidewalls and the right rubber compound to maximize your traction on tough terrain.


Tire & Wheel SUV Upgrades
If you want to make a style statement with your SUV, there are a variety of wheel upgrades to choose from. You can opt for chrome rims, bright silver painted wheels, all black spokes or go platinum to create a distinctive look that will have heads turning.


Modified SUV Suspension
Lifting your suspension will give you adequate ground clearance that is essential if you’re going to spend time traversing harsh terrain, crawling on rocks and crossing streams and rivers. Leaving plenty of space between your SUV and the ground can save you from getting caught on obstacles, damaging your underside or flooding your engine. Most SUVs can comfortably handle a suspension lift of about 1-4 inches as raising your vehicle too high can create problems in handling and can increase chances of tipping over.


A Useful Bumper Winch
This is a must-have if you are planning to go off-roading. With a winch, you can pull yourself or other 4x4s out of tricky situations on the trail. So get a winch installed - unless you fancy spending hours stuck in a rut or ditch in the middle of nowhere, waiting to be rescued.


Locking Differentials for Increased Tire Traction
Most 4x4s come with open differentials already installed ensuring that the wheels with least traction get more power. However, what you want is to send more power to the wheels with more traction, in order to keep your SUV moving forward as you maneuver over obstacles. Locking differentials lock two wheels that share an axle together, making sure that they spin at the same speed and receive equal torque.


Upgraded and Modified Vehicle Armor for Protection
Good armor protects your off-road machine from damage while you’re busy traversing the great outdoors.


Fender flares
These fit directly over the wheel well and are contoured to match the body lines of your 4x4. Their main purpose is to deflect dirt and other debris thrown by the tires from hitting the sides of the truck and chipping the paint or something worse. They also ensure that oversized wheels and tires are covered so they don’t protrude too far out.


Skid plates
If rock crawling is your thing, you’re going to need skid plates to protect the underside of your vehicle from being shredded by the sharp, jagged edges of the rocks you’re driving over. These are fitted under the vehicle to protect the oil pan, gas tank, differentials, engine, transfer case and other vulnerable components.


Brush and Grille Guards
The unforeseen hazards on a trail just add to the fun of off-roading. Unfortunately, the low branches, thick undergrowth and unexpected boulders can also do significant damage to your four-wheeler. Brush and grille guards give added protection against these hazards while also giving your SUV some attitude!


Front Bull Bar
We’ll admit it- a bull bar does make your SUV look more badass! But other than aesthetics, a bull bar protects the vital parts of your car like the radiator and also provides a handy location to mount spotlights, a winch or aerial.


Rock sliders
These provide excellent protection for your rocker panels and can also double up as a step if you’ve lifted your SUV.


Good Shocks & Suspension
Your shocks might stay out of sight but that doesn’t mean they’re not important. There are crucial in controlling the suspension and handling of your 4x4 rig. However, stock shocks just aren’t meant to handle the stress of off-road driving and will eventually lose their damping strength if you constantly drive over hard trails. For better off-road performance, swap them with a set of quality aftermarket shocks. You also need to replace them if you increase your wheel and tire size as well.


More Braking Power
Brakes are essential if you’re planning to speed your SUV through rough trails, dirt and mud or crawling over boulders. The brakes that your SUV comes equipped with are safe and efficient but you’re going to need an upgrade to conquer the outdoors. You’ll also need more braking power if you’ve changed your tire size or made modifications that impact your vehicle’s weight. To avoid trouble on the trail, get brakes, pads, rotors and calipers that are specially designed for durability and off-roading.


Also Think About Getting These Other Custom 4X4 Vehicle Modifications

  • Lights and lighting accessories

  • Exhaust modifications

  • Mobile air compressor

  • Custom interior upgrade with bespoke upholstery and floor liners

  • Roof racks for additional storage

  • Chrome and billet accessories

  • Entry guards

  • Recovery gear


Build Your Custom SUV With Our Mechanics
We’ve been doing custom 4X4 modifications for decades and we’ve done several amazing custom SUV builds over the years. Our 4x4 specialists will work with you to find the right gadgets and modifications to give your SUV class, style and functionality. To get started, call or visit any of the FlexBilt Customs off-road stores located in Alabama.