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FlexBilt offers Ballistic Off-Road Wheels for your custom truck, Jeep, or SUV.   What you see below, is mainly what you get.  Unlike a lot of other wheel brands, Ballistic offers "one-off's" in the designs you see below vs. offering many different color or accent designs of the same wheel.  Look below at FlexBilt's staffs favorite wheel design from Ballistic.

Ballistic Custom Wheels.jpg
FlexBilt Custom's favorite Ballistic Off-Road Wheel Style:

The team at FlexBilt Customs picks Ballistic Off-Road's most favorite wheel style/collection.  The 965 Catapult is only offered in one style but a style that is second to none in FlexBilt's opinion!   The 965 Ballistic wheel has the hot matte to gloss black dominate colors with white accents.  The eight white rivit design on the outside of the rim shows the meticulous design Ballistic Off-Road put together on this very popular wheel.  Check out our favorite Ballistic wheel below!  Call FlexBilt today to place your order!

Ballistic Off-Road 965 Catapult Wheel
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